Sunday, March 28, 2010

Biscuits / les biscuits

I found some interesting biscuits called "filipinos" in one of the supermarket around our area when i do shopped a few weeks ago. Filipinos is a coated chocolate biscuits made in Barcelona. I remember when my aunt spent her vacation in Spain she had filipinos biscuits too that she bought in the supermarket near the apartment where they were renting. She showed me some photos. I thought it was an ice cream or something because of its packaging.
Never thought i could find it here ( limited stocks only ) i bought loads of filipinos (chocolate and milk coated) and share some with my friend Cléo. I do still have more in the cupboard, reserving, thinking of using it as decoration when i bake cakes. Good alternative when i have no more of Oreo cookies, good idea of putting them on top when i will bake white chocolate cheesecake. NEW OVEN Plssss..... :)

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