Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bong He / Ciboulette à fleurs

I had a filipina friend who has a thailander friend. One day, i came to join them for a lunch at their place. When i arrived, i saw that they were preparing and cutting some stalks of Bong He. I get so curious! What is bong he? Well, BONG HE / Chinese chive bud / Ciboulette à fleurs - is an aromatique (less than garlic or leek) and decorative chive that the chef usually use for the cuisine. I guess more popular for the thailandaise cuisine (soups or stir- fry) I asked where she bought it because i would love to try and cook for Claudebiko. She cooked bong he in a simpliest and quickiest way. It was good! We had a nice sautéed bong-he and we had eaten it with thai aromatic rice.
I made mine with beef. It was so tasty and so yuumy

So easy, you will only need things as follows : ( good only for 2)

250g. Bong He (usually one pack)-
cut into 3 pcs. remove the hard part at the bottom (like we usually do w/ kangkong)
2 to 3 pcs. garlic
250g. lean beef (cut into stripes) or chicken breast (cut into cubes)
 2 tbsp. cooking oil
                                                                      fish sauce to taste

Last week, I cooked Bong he and this time with chicken
Heat the wok, cooking oil+fry garlic (when golden brown) add the chicken (or beef)
when the chickens cooks, add next stalks of bong he (do not overcook or mix well) bong he
cooks rapidly and they get easily soft. put just a little water to avoid them from drying then seasoned with patis (fish sauce). Will only takes 8-10 minutes of cooking then its done! Serve it with steamed rice.

When we eat Bong he at home, Claudebiko habitually put a little of round chili with fried garlic on his rice. I like the spicyness the way he do but for me i like more by added soy sauce for my rice :) I do not recommend to reheat it in a microwave because it will not stay as good and they will turned out soft.

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