Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring time / Printemps

Spring season! Best season to do planting and rearranging our balcony ( i am too lazy doing it). We had a wide balcony and its very nice to have flowers and herbs around. Two years ago we had planted Okra ou (Gombo) and Tomatoes. We had not had a lot of quantity but it was quite good to have some fresh okra's and tomatoes harvested directly from our balcony.

Last week i planted a small Malunggay branch i brought from Philippines (our very nice neighbor "manang" beside gave me) She has plenty of flowers and small trees in a different shapes of pots in front of her house that she can called "her little garden" She told me,the malunggay will grow. She has given me a good instruction on how to plant it and she was actually  the one who chopped a small branch that im gonna bring. 
I said to Manang i will plant it as soon as get home but because of the chilly weather i postponed to plant it for a couple of weeks hehehe :) 
I am crossing my fingers and hoping that it was not too late! (pls.mamunga ka ha) I promised to Manang that if you will grow i will generously share your bountiful leaves to all of my friends. Malunggay is very good ha you can get a lot of health benefits from it. (i can use it when i cook tinola,munggo,or ginataan na isda even sa sardinas in can "ginisa" masarap sya!)

Since i am a big LazyGirlie, Claudebiko will take charge of replanting our flowers (somebody gave him sacks of soil/some flowers in a pots when he worked in the town garden/park) all for free! What a good timing! A plastic wheelbarrow beside (a toy for Bibingclara) He brought it home, founded from the garbage. Cool! They will both get busy these days! I am going to have more time to blog hehehe :)

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