Monday, February 27, 2012

Elle and Vire cream cheese

I forgot to mention that there's also another mark of cream cheese that i also love using for making cheesecakes and that is, Elle and Vire - they also have different types of cream ( on tetra packs ) that can be use for cuisine and specially ones for desserts. So far, i already tried elle and vire cream cheeses in different flavors :)
in blue ( original ), green is chive flavor, brown is pepper - not only for cooking purpose, we also use them as spread directly on our french baguette yum!
cheesecake with chocolate morsels
As far as i remember, i used elle and vire original cream cheese when i make cheesecake with chocolate morsels. That was the cheesecake i had made for Claudebiko's birthday. Next post, cheesecake AGAIN hehehe :)


Cielo said...

Elle and Vire products are really good. I usually use their Cooking cream pero mukang wala pa yata dito ng cream cheese.

Maruhya said...

here, they are everywhere umpisahan sa butter hanggang sa mga sari-saring cream presyo nga lang ang pinagkukumparahan ng mga mamimili oo true maganda nga ang elle and vire kaya minsan sya din ang gamit ko sa kusina :)