Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cheesecake : A favorite dessert

I already mentioned that "cheesecake" is my all time favorite. I have tried baking cheesecake many times ( no-bake, no water bath and water bath ) and even experiment with different type of cheeses ( i only stick to philadelphia now ) Of course by way of experimenting, you cannot avoid to have failed sometimes. And because of my loveness for this yummy cake, i never gets tired of re-doing it again over and over. I remember back then, when i cannot afford to buy a slice for me dahil sobrang mahal. Now i realized, i can make my own na in any form pa hahaha :)
the basic ingredients for cheesecake you will need a pie crust or biscuit crust, cream cheese ( any brand ), semi-thick cream ( or i might say semi-heavy cream?), lemon juice, lemon zest, eggs and white sugar ( sorry, not in the photo )
i have different types and form of baking pans in the kitchen. in this one, i used my two mini spring-form pan and baked them without water bath ( see the brulée on top? ) that's how it looks like, the no water bath mini cheesecake :(
sometimes i love to play making cheesecake with two toppings using a package of philadelphia cream cheese ( good coz they're widely available now in supermarkets ) layering after with "caprice des anges" - cheese with fondante texture and tastes like fresh cream. Also baking them with no water bath method. Both tastes good together! a good combination :). Aside from using philadelphia cream cheese ( original ) when baking, i am also using flavored one for my cooking :)
with garlic and chives ( mostly when cooking pasta )
with cucumber ( love using it when making spring rolls )
There's also a little bonus inside of philadelphia packages, some recipe tips to try on :)


Cielo said...

I am also a big fan of cheesecake..ang pinaka fave ko before is from pancake house oreo cheesecake kaso wala na sa menu nila ngayon. I also tried making it before pero di successful.di nag hold ung oreo crust kaya nadudurog but i should try again pagkatapos ng jell o cheesecake mix ko hehehe

Maruhya said...

you can try with crust less oreo cheesecake cielo isama mo nlang sa cream mixture mo yung mga durog na biscuits. more cheesecake recipe to post soon :)