Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Passion fruit cheesecake: a cake on my bday

It was my very first time to taste this kind of fruit, the maracuja o tinatawag na passion fruit. Ang sarap! i like the "mabuto" and juicyness of it. I tasted it back then in Ile de ré 2009 when Cynthia was with us during vacation. She flew back from Brazil at ang pasalubong, papaya fruit and some maracuja to enjoy! :)
 nag-aagawan pa kameng tatlo gustung-gusto din ito ni Claudebiko at Bibingclara
Passiflore ou passiflora
at ako ay na-inlove na din sa prutas na ito kitam naman flowers palang nakakaakit na ( photo i took in the village of Ars-en-ré also during the vacation ) Passion fruit is expensive here, isang piraso palang mahihimatay ka sa presyo hehehe. On the day of my birthday, syempre i want a special cake for me yun bang talagang super like ko. So timing, i saw passion fruit cheesecake recipe sa food magazine then tiyempo pa na promo ang passion fruit sa binibilhan ko ng prutas at gulay :)
ang mga sangkap : 6 pcs passion fruit ( actually 12 pcs indicated on the recipe )
1 pack chocolate coated biscuits
butter 100g
elle and vire cream 15cl
ricotta cheese 200g
cream cheese 200g
white sugar 120g
1 sachet vanilla sugar
4 pcs gelatin sheets

biscuit crust
juice from seeds cooked in a very low heat just to dissolve the gelatin sheets ( seeds reserve for decoration )
ricotta+cream cheese and gelatin mixture
whipping the cream with vanilla sugar
whipped cream and cream cheese mixture together
pour into the biscuit base then place in the fridge for hours
decorate with the seeds on top
my birthday cake ( 5 years old? )
more interesting recipe on cuisine actuelle
Super easy no baking! i will definitely making it again. Nasarapan ako eh! :) sana promo ulet si passion fruit wink!

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