Monday, November 7, 2011

A visit in Natural History Museum

Yesterday, my daughter was with her classmate and they've been in Muséum National D'histoire Naturelle. It was her first time to be in that museum. Lucky because they have got free ticket pass thanks to mama of Théo :)
                                          the best of friends
speaking of sapot , according to Claudebiko they have a nice exposition and their website is
 sorry no flash again of cobweb photo
 after a tiring tour play time at the park
 Bibingclara's classmate and his mother got home earlier pero sila Claudebiko ay continue ang tour
at pektyur-pektyur pa sa mga animals :)
They had a great time except na pagkauwi medyo tinopak-topak si Bibingclara kasi hindi sya natulog ng tanghali at sa sobrang pagod 8h30 palang kagabi ay naghihilik na sya Zzzzz.... oopss off from blogging susunduin ko muna sa school at bibilhan ng miryenda ang aking unica hija see yah tsup :)

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