Sunday, November 6, 2011

My daughter got a boy friend

Dont get me wrong, you read it well! yep! my daughter got a boyfriend in school. It's the reality kahit na bata palang tayo meron na talaga tayong favorite na kalaro at Bibingclara's age ( 3 years and 4 months old ) her schoolmate Theophile ( american/french ) is her preffered boy playmate. In fact, today i was alone at home because Bibingclara and Claudebiko were out for a while for a date ( hehehe ) they'll meet Théo and his mother for they can go together in a Zoo/Museum. Nice bonding para sa mga kids! One time we will invite them at home they're really nice people. I do not give any meaning naman no malice at nakakatuwa ang dalawang bata. I like Théo, he's really a nice little boy :)
 cutey! photo taken by théo's grandma outside school ( they sent us through email )
 takbuhan time ( Bibingclara and Theo's teacher in red bag she's also happy seing them playing together after school )
 puppet show time ( they both have their doudou -stuff toy with them all the time )
                                         eat miryenda o biscuit together
talking seriously kung ano ang silly things na pede nilang gawin hehehe
Ahhh they're so cute! i hope that they're enjoying together and im sure Claudebiko will take loads of photos to show me later. For the meantime, magla-lunch time na dito so kakain muna ako mag-isa dahil wala ang aking mag-ama pero bago ako kumain kakanta muna ako ng karaoke hehehe whenever, wherever ni Shakira ang favorite kong kantahin hehehe so off muna ako sa blogosphere okie i am really in a good singing mood hehehehe will try to come back later :) ps: irerecord ko para ma-ishare at ng umulan ng malakas nyay!

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