Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Andouille sausage

Another laman loob favorite! i like andouille ( anduy ) -mukhang pangalan ng bagyo hehehe! masarap ito lalo na kapag isinawsaw sa suka. Andouille is a porc sausage made of intestines and stomach. Andouille of Brittany is really good and by curiousity i actually requested andouille as toppings on my pizza when we were in a restaurant in Pont-Aven  i even tried andouille on my salted crêpe ( will share next time our food trip in Brittany ).
good thing because i can buy it straight from the supermarket
it has smell but it doen't bothered me anyway ( takaw) just slice and...
dip or put drops of wine vinegar with chopped red oinon or shallots and with lots lots of chilis on top

Nice as starter. Next time parang gusto ko siyang ipartner sa rice. We are still month of November and i guess last na itong lamang loob pagkain post ko hehehe :)

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