Monday, August 8, 2011

Nilagang buto-buto

Here's another favorite dish, ang nilagang buto-buto :) favorite ito ni Claudebiko. At dahil sa simple itong lutuin, ito rin ay budget friendly. A kilo of pork buto-buto only cost less than 1 euro in a chinese store. As i still have a pack of pechay left in the fridge, i used it for this dish :)
nilagang buto-buto
When i cooked pork nilaga, i make sure to put loads of patatas. Di na kailangang mag-kanin pero minsan di mapigilan kaya ang technique kapag nilaga ang ulam at masabaw sinasadya kong di magsaing kundi mapapasubo ako sa kain hehehe. To make nilaga, here's how :
                                        1 kilo pork buto-buto / os de porc
                                        1/2 kilo potatoes ( quartered )
                                        1-2 pieces carrots ( quartered )
                                        1 pack of pechay 
                                        1 big onion ( quartered )
                                         2-3 liters water
In a casserole put the water with the pork bones and onion boil for 25 minutes. Add potatoes and carrots cook for another 15 minutes. Add peppercorns and salt to taste. Before the last 5 minutes of cooking add the pechay then let it simmer for another 5 minutes. On the photo above, it was a bowl of left-over nilagang buto-buto so there were no more carrots and pechay. We enjoyed it till the last drop yum! :)

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