Friday, August 12, 2011

Adobong chinese

I cooked adobo once a week, it can be pork adobo or chicken. Chicken adobo is actually Bibingclara's favorite! I tried once cooking adobong matamis using pork. I thought that Bibingclara would like it but she preferred the adobong me suka at toyo na hindi matamis hehehe :)
  Ingredients :                                       1/2 kilo pork ( adobo-cut )
                                                             200g tokwa ( fried )
                                                           6 pcs hard boiled egg
                                                      6 cloves garlic ( crushed )
                                                               1/2 cup sugar
                                                            1/4 cup soy sauce
                                                               1 cup water
chinese adobo
In a casserole boiled the pork until meat gets tender. When done, drain and set aside. In a pan, melt the sugar, add the garlic and let it caramelized for a few seconds then add water. Put the cooked meat, tokwa and hard boiled eggs simmer for 10 minutes. Add soy sauce ( it adds color ) and more water ( if necessary ). The adobong chinese should be sweet and be careful of not putting much soy sauce because it may become too salty. Serve adobong chinese with white rice or it can be eaten alone without anything :)

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