Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pechay/Choux chinois/Chinese cabbage

I bought two packs of pechay when i do big food shopping in the chinese store. As hubby's requested, he wanted to eat green leafy vegetables. Pechay is one of our favorite vegetable, so i bought some packs. We usually eat pechay when i cook pork nilaga and beef nilaga ( boiled beef that similar to pot-au-feu ). I cooked a pack of pechay ( boiled ) that becomes a good partner to the roasted peking duck that i also bought from the chinese store :)
                                      well washed pechay, sesame oil and minced garlic
I made toasted garlic as topping and it is a good combination to our "sawsasan" - dipping soy sauce
                                                          soy sauce - toasted garlic
boiled pechay
I served boiled pechay drizzled with sesame oil and topped roasted garlic with white rice roasted peking duck on the side. That's the trick to the lazy momma who doesn't want to make things complicated in the kitchen hehehe upnext, the cheapest dish everrr Nilagang Buto-buto bow! :)

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