Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Munggo 2

I have still munggo left again on the shelf, the other was almost half-filled of lentil. I said to myself, hey! i must consume our seeds before buying another pack on the next food shopping trip :)
                                                              lentil and munggo beans
So here's what i do with my munggo. I made it ginisang munggo with bitter melon leaves ( dahon ng ampalaya ) and if you want to know how i cooked it just click here :)
bunch of fresh dahon ng ampalaya bought in amasia at ang pang-gisa,
                       bawang, sibuyas, kamatis at luya
i partner it with pritong galunggong ( bought frozen )
munggo with ampalaya leaves
I enjoyed it eating with lots of rice, 2 pcs. of pritong isda ( i dont share sorry hehehe ) with sawsawang toyo with nakakamay mode. Yummy! yummy i felt i was home :)

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