Thursday, August 18, 2011


I never cook lentil before, if i am not mistaken i tried once using lentil when i run out of munggo but it wasn't as good as normal munggo beans that i usually use to. One day, checking out some recipes over the internet, Binggo! I found one from a blogger Lardon My French . What to do with my lentil? Making lentil with lardon :) As i have all the ingredients ready, i made lentil without hesitation :)
                                                                   lentils with sausage
If you want to know her recipe just follow this link lardonslentils. I used all the lentils left on the jar. I realized that i can eat it anyway as everyday meal but......
                                                     lentils-sausage / cooked pasta
Not for my daughter coz i do still have to cook pasta separately for her to partner to her favorite biggie sausage :)

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