Thursday, July 14, 2011

Miss Bracelet

The day we left for normandy, Bibingclara was so overwhelmed. That morning she prepared and get herself ready so quickly. She put on her nice green dress that i newly bought for her, wear all her lovely colorful bracelets, a necklace and even asked me her pschitt pschitt "pabango" before going out :)
                   the excited little kikay girl inside the lift going down the building
At home she likes to play with anything and recently she played with the bracelets and with the sea shells that we have got from the beach ( from ile de ré and trouville ). Bibingclara likes to decorate and she's been always proud to show us what she had made. She'll even ask picturing whatever simple thing she had been done. So mama did the work :)
                                                             picture1 from the right
picture2 from the left
What a big mistake because she get really mad at me when she comes home seeing that her bracelets and sea shells disappeared on the table. Yes, i admit it's my fault because i cleared up the table.
picture3 re-make she was crying actually on the side
I was obliged to re-do it. Yep, i have learned my lesson. I must respect her works. Sorry again ms.bracelet :) 

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