Sunday, July 10, 2011

Food trip at trouville

We had our lunch in one of the restaurants in trouville called Marinette. The service is good though it was quite long ( ang dameng customer ). The waiter who assist us is sympha and very attentive. So here are the foods that we had enjoy during normandy trip :)
                big sausages and fries for Bibingclara ( with matching ketchup )
                        my appetizer bulot - whelk with a generous mayonaise dipping
                                 hubby's appetizer les moules de bouchot - farmed mussels
                                              I ordered mussels with fries as main course
Claudebiko's main course salmon ( he asked also for fries but salmon came out with rice )
                                                       hindi mawawala ang french bread
we chose cheese over dessert though Bibingclara had créme caramel. I had a slice of famous camembert while Claudebiko had a cheese Pont-l'évêque.
we ended up our meal with espresso 
Sulit! sulit! sulit! busog! busog! busog! burp! burp! burp! A satisfying meal. Everybody was happy. The bill was over 50 euros including wine ( a typical price for a family of 3 ) Will try to do another food trip and will try another restaurant named " les mouettes " next time :)

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