Sunday, July 10, 2011

After Deauville, trouville

After our quick tour in Deauville, we went to trouville and we had our lunch there. We had a little walk around and took some photos :)
                                                                      low tide
                                                     seafoods selling in a little fish market
We also went to the beach and since we were not able to swim, we just get busy ourselves picking up shells :)
my girl seriously picking up shells for her palasyong buhangin ( un château de sables )
                                          construction of palasyong buhangin with her papa
                                                             more shells then it's done!
while they're busy constructing le château de sables, ako naman ay namamahinga
( kakatapus lang kumain at medyo inaantok ako dahil mahangin sarap matulog )
voilà ang finish product ng aming munting palasyong buhangin
cute noh?
It was a productive wednesday long day for us but sulit! we went home very late. Deauville-Trouville we'll come back next time if we wanted to have a nearest access on the sea. Next post, our lunch at trouville :)

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