Saturday, July 9, 2011

Advance birthday celebration

Advance birthday celebration of my Bibingclara in the nursery last thursday. They advised us to make the little celebration that day as they do bake cake every thursday as children's snack. Last year, i brought heart shaped chocolate cake as seen on the photo :)
                                                        snack time ( last year's photo )
               some of Bibingclara's playmates that witnessed her candle blowing
                       ...the celebration continue on the real date of Bibingclara's day
Since it's already vacation season, they were only few childrens. I haven't packed any goodies on the lootbags for them but i brought some pack of candies and tetra pack juices to go with their miryenda. As Bibingclara said she had successfully blown her 3 little candles with a tune of birthday song :)

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