Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hearty shape

I was planning of taking pictures of all the heart shaped items that i could find in our house but looking back photos from our computer there are some hearty shapey photos sitting that i haven't posted yet ( late, late, late!) So here are some, if i am not mistaken this heart shaped chocolate cake was made by me last july 2010, i brought it to the nursery for the children's snack ( Bibingclara's bday )
                                                                    hearty chocolate cake
Now, the heart shaped chocolates that i've got for free from the Snack bar of department store Sm north-edsa when we were in Philippines last feb.2010 ( free when u purchase maximum of 500 pesos on snacks )
                                                                       hearty chocolates
Romantic hubby bought heart shaped scented soaps from soap factory at Sm north-edsa on the last day of our stay in Manila ( that was feb.13 ) as if he could take a quick shower on the plane joke! on the right side a hearty dish soap and heart and lips soaps that bought from Tati store.
                                                                    hearty soaps
Fill your hearts with sweety thoughts by remembering your hearty experience on hearty shape items! not too late were still on the month of love. I've got good memory and that's proven! :)

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