Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's day!

We had an early heart's day celebration last saturday Feb. 12. Couples and singles are welcome! it was just a simple gathering with friends that we haven't seen since last day of the year 2010 :)
            ang hapi hearts day paskil na shinorcut at dinikit ng pagkataas-taas hehehe
i've got a friend who came early ( not seeing her after long six months ) and gave us a gift ( 1st and only valentine gift ) thanks! amee! i already lighted the heart-shaped scented candles yesterday and today! :)
We had our simple dinner together at around 9pm hmmm... lafang na! most dishes we had were beef ( we had beef kaldereta, beef stew and beef curry we also got lumpiang shanghai and pork ham :)
 We spent our time chikahan, picturan, tawanan, singing karaoke, at tagayan! ( yes, nakitagay ako tequila! )
we even had the chance to watch our previous videos kung saan lahat kame ay mga payat pa hehehe :)
                                         gosh, ang taba ko! promise bukas di na ako kakain! :)
That day! kung bibilangin we're 14 na nakigulo at naki valentines nung sabado :
1. Ate yolly
2. Ate yolly's hubby
3. Elodie
4. Amee
5. Sorina
6. Cléo
7. Jenny
9. Ethel
10. Ella
12. Claudebiko
13. Bibingclara 
14. at si Mia hehehe!!!
HAPPY HEART'S DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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