Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Room renovation

Last month, Claudebiko took his one week off from work to have a work for Bibingclara's room. In our flat, we just only have one room and our only room will gonna be our daughter's room. A couple of month before i gave birth, we prepared and made our room into a baby room for her arrival. What a waste because we almost buy things that she didn't use like the baby basket and baby crib ( she sleeps with us on our bed ) :)
                   what an excitement when seeing all little things for my baby all in pink!
There's another thing that we wanted to renovate and that's our kitchen, but we prioritized first her room ( we are squaters now ). It is all time, i breast fed for 2 years and 3 months long ( separation gets tought ) so now she needs to practice her independency. Big work for my hubby because he did it alone but he made it! he made it! first, we change the carpeted floor into another type of flooring.
                                                                    works on flooring
pulling out and transferring all the stuff that we have in the room was the hardiest thing ughh big hard work
after some messy days we put back all Bibingclara's thing and installed her new bed. We also buy some furniture for her toys arrangement. What we only missed to buy was a book shelves for her countless book.
                      my little girl admiringly looking at her moon and flower lamp up high :) 
Not yet done, coz i have to change the old curtains still unfinished sewing the little cloth for it :)

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