Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Tele

Goodbye to our old sony television! And bonjour to our new flat LG télé. We are not into watching tv, we just only see news or few interesting movie if our time permits. We decided buying a new one because the old one was really old :) and also because of the influence of our new Freebox revolution :)
                              almost 20 years old sony television and its time to give it's liberty
47 inches ( 119cm ) television that is now actually hanging on the wall ( we removed the stand)
        see? my daughter go for a test as if she knows how to read by singing karaoke
Another reason why is we also wanted to have something new at home that all the family can enjoy ( specially, Bibingclara who like to watch her Dvd's ) a merited gift for us on our 5th year mariage anniversary. Now, with the big wide tv screen, all of us got the happiness of its usages ( karaoke, video and internet ) :)

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