Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We need a vacation even just for a week. Going to Philippines? no, not just for a short time bitin at kulang sa budget hehehe good thing if we were able to go out of the country, my passport already renewed. My green passport will actually expired on the 14th of Feb. and i get renewed it 5 months ahead before its expriration, so now i've got the dark maroon or i can say brown color similar to european passport :)
                                                              passports of my two frenchy
                                                                my old and new passport
Sooner i'll have a european passport and Bibingclara will gonna have her philippine passport but hey, before i forget, i have to drop a call now to the philippine embassy coz i had applied hers last december pa and they said that electronic passport application gets faster but though it's need to follow it up. kringgg,,, kringgg!!! :)

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