Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday : Family day

Isn't always mother and daughter day every wednesday. Guignol day is off for a moment. We must see next month other guignol program, maybe in another place. I have to find out or maybe ask to the owner of guignol the entrance music they're playing on the opening scene ( where "roudoudou"- a puppet clown dance ) that's my daughter favorite part! :) i like it too ( mapapasayaw ka talaga! ) I actually heard it in the clothing boutique while i was doing my shopping then i tried to record it for my unica hija. I will try to post the audio next time on my solde/sale entry. Promise! going back to my kwento, yesterday was an exceptional day, because we spent our wednesday together. Maruhya, Bibingclara plus Claudebiko!
                                                                 la famille bordage
                                             Bibingclara was in a hurry removing her shoes
We went to Normandy and spent the whole day there. Two hours driving, ( 200 kilometers from paris ) the nearest place to see the sea :)
                                                             my two contented frenchy
We didn't swim at all ( grrr... so cold and windy ) di nakisama ang weather but it's ok we just satisfied ourselves by picking up shells and having a quick tour around the village :)
One of my favorite that Claudebiko offered me honestly, i would like to make it as earrings pero wala akong nahanap na kapares dommage!
There's always a treasure everywhere hehehe kakahukay, Claudebiko and Bibingclara found a bracelet :)
                                                                Casino in Deauville
After the beach, we had a little tour around the village and took some photos. Gusto ko sanang magka casino pero i forgot wala pala akong pang casino hehehe so i made myself contented nalang by picturing :)
                                                ang typical na yaring bahay sa normandy
We got hungry after the tour around Deauville so we decided to exit and go to another place. We will share next time our dining and beach experience in another nearest ville called Trouville :)

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