Monday, May 16, 2011

Guignol day

Every wednesday is like a mother and daughter bonding day ( no nursery day ). And also each wednesday can be a guignol day ( puppet show ). I usually bring Bibingclara to guignol at the parc montsouris in the 14th arrondissement. It was started last year when Claudebiko and Bibingclara saw the guignol for the first time it was peter pan presentation if i'm not mistaken. Bibingclara liked the spectacle on that said guignol that's why i purchased a card. With the ticket subscription, we saved 2 euros and it has 10 entrees. Also with this card we didn't need to make a queue each time ( as they have only limited sits ) first come, first save so we can enter directly in the room and as usual get the front seat almost all the time ( cool ) but that's not all! we also get ......
                                           a free pop corn ( a great treat ) - after our last stamp
I'll have to buy another subscription card for a next time, the program in june ( next month ) will be snow white and the 7 dwarfs. I want Bibingclara wouldn't miss it. So after the guignol chuva choo choo we headed to the nearest mall of 13th arrondissement, non other than PLACE D'ITALIE center commercial! nope, we weren't in Italy hehehe we have been actually there just to eat gelato :)
                                                                    want some Papa?
What a shame because it wasn't italian ice cream! Bibingclara can eat any ice cream so that ice cream was from Jeff de Bruges - it is chocolatery that also sells ice cream. I was wanting chocolate/pistachio flavor but it wasn't available that day so my spoiled little girl has raspberry/passion fruit flavor that she fully enjoyed :)
peace Papa for the expense! 
And its because children's day! abay, lubus-lubusin na. Before heading back home we passed by to the toy store because Bibingclara wants a yellow trumpet. She gets want she wants so after we both agreed to come back home. Whatta wednesday! :)

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