Thursday, July 14, 2011

Black accessories

Talking about ms.bracelet on my previous post, now i'll talk about my side of kakikayan. I am not fond of cosmetics like make-ups or any beauty products like other women do but i am crazy about accessories. I was wearing black stone rings and bangle bracelet the day we went to normandy :)
                                                    ring for 0.50 cent bracelet for 3 euros
                                                    ( bought from different garage sale )
a broken bracelet founded in Deauville beach
a pair of earrings with black stone from accessory shop 
sale about 70% off pay for 1 euro 
I was wearing short that day so i decided not to wear the earrings ( parang di bagay ). If the bracelet founded in the beach wasn't broken, i would wear it! hehehe as it shows i like cheap thing and that's me. I am not a fashion chic in real sense but next time, i will be throwing some fashion related entry yung cheap, cheap, cheap wahehehe :)

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