Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meeting my best friend

I met up with my best friend once again after our last meet last december. Our usual meeting place is in chinese quartier where there are plenty of asian's restaurant. It was already lunch time when we met up and while we are having a short walk around, we spotted a new vietnamese restaurant called Pho13. It is a newly opened restaurant with it's pink motif signage. We get curious and we wanted to try if they do good Pho soup as well as the famous Pho14 restaurant. We both agreed to try it out, then we get in :)
                                          I ordered the famous special pho soup in a large bowl
                                            My friend ordered a soup with shrimps and veggies
I find my soup too oily ( though i finished all the meat ) and it was not as good as in Pho14. Friend's soup was good according to her ( as i imagined ) I wasn't disappointed about my soup at all but feel ko lang not to order any dessert even if i am really a big fan of their 3-colors ( halo-halo like dessert drink ). Giang also ordered tea for us that we've shared until the last drop. Good tea! Ahhh :) After a week, i met her again but this time with my Bibingclara. She had an appointment to a photographer for a pictorial in a Eiffel tower so we joined her there :)
Bibingclara busy on her ice cream while having some snapshots with her tata Giang
The pictorial is for a magazine that will gonna publish in her country, at ang BIDA ay ang Eiffel tower bag na kanyang ipinamana sa akin yay! gift nya daw yan. So many stories about this bag, imagine it travelled a lot hehehe at ma sho show pa sya sa magazine ( new collection ) hmm can't wait for the copy.
                                                                            Eiffel bag
I likey likey my eiffel tower bag design palang talagang tower na hehehe i also lovey its color ( peborit ).I thank her for the nice souvenir at baka maging suki pa ako ng bag na ito. Will see my friend again in july at mas long ang bonding because she'll gonna live in Paris for one year :)

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