Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bike for sale: Sold

We posted an announcement to last week to sale our bicycles. After two days of posting, mine was sold first then two days after Claudebiko's bike also said goodbye. We sell them for a very reasonable price because we wanted to buy a new one for me which is more comfortable ( di yung masakit sa pwet hehehe ). I would like to have a city bike even if we spend a little bit more and the search is now on going :)
                                                        Claudebiko's bike sold last friday
                                                             my bike - sold last wednesday
The only bike left to us is hubby's old bike that he's using when he go biking with Bibingclara ( with baby seat at the back ). He use this bike a lot specially when we were in Ile de ré :)
                                                             Ready for a ride ( too little my petite )
                             at Bibingclara's earlier age she already went biking with her papa
We also promised to Bibingclara that when she turns 3, she'll gonna have her first bike so probably she will have it this summer as our birthday gift to her. Biking will be our weekly activity this summer so each and everyone in the family must have one! :) 

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