Monday, April 4, 2011

I did it!

3-day diet has always the same effect on me. Last month i went on a diet for 15 consecutive days and given me an impressive result. I do prefer this type of diet which i can only eat less quantity of food ( as indicate on the diet menu ) and yet healthy. I lose 5 kilos and really felt lightier. I have been very guilty of eating KFC fried chicken last saturday ( we dine out as Bibingclara's request ), and also of eating Carbonara yesterday. Yeah, i know i must be very serious and do my 3 day diet strictly if i want to get my target weight :)
i noted down my kilo every morning to see the difference
Courage! courage! that's what i need because during diet times, i have to make my work double in the kitchen. I have to accept that sometimes it is hard to eat the food i have in my plate while my two frenchy enjoys another yummy dish that i had also prepared :)
                                        chicken breast /steamed broccoli-carrots on menu day2
                                          Claudebiko and Bibingclara having 3-cheeses tart and...
green salad on the side :)
No pain, no glory hahaha ika nga! Well, tomorrow will be another day! Re-start dieting. Ohh i also have to prepare a special diet beginning tomorrow for Claudebiko. A 3 day diet ( not for loosing weight hehe ) before he will undergo Colonoscopy. Next time, i will post menu of 3 day diet. :)

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