Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Biko ni Claudebiko

I bake less now because i am avoiding sweets. Last sunday, we have visitor and i prepared mostly filipino dishes. I do not want to complicate my life in baking just for a dessert so to make it simple with a complete filipino theme i made biko ( one of our dessert ). This time, i do my biko effortless means hindi ako napagod kakahalo unlike when i made my bikong maputla last year na halos napagod at nangawit ang aking kili-kili kaka-mix hahaha :)
Here's how :                       1 1/2 cups of malagkit ( soaked in two cups of water)
1 cup water
1 cup muscovado sugar
2 cups coconut milk ( in can )
                                                                    coco jam ( optional )
Ibabad magdamag ang malagkit-sticky rice ( technique kaya di ako napagod kakahalo dahil madaling naluto ang malagkit parang slight suman ang dating ). i-drained ang malagkit, transfer in a casserole with a cup of water. Cook in a medium heat, when the rice is partly cook add the coconut milk, continously stirring then when rice completely absorbs the liquid, add the muscovado sugar. Mix thoroughly. The malagkit cooks fast ( hindi hilaw ) i just only made my biko for about 15 minutes ( ang bilis ) 
Transfer into baking or glass dish then serve. I like my biko when it is still warm ( ayaw ko ng malamig ). You can put toppings on top with coconut jam or latik. Ang sarap ng aking biko na ginamitan ng muscovado sugar ( na nagpaganda rin ng kulay ). Gustung-gusto ni Bibingclara as usual. Mauulit ito kaso wala na akong muscovado sugar i already used my last sachet. Hmm i also wanted to try ang aking na heard about coconut sugar . Makapamalengke nga sa pinas! :)


claude-maruh-clara said...

hhmmmmm it was so yummyyy

Maruhya said...

claudebiko is yummier! ( naughty! )je t'aime bé thanks for dropping by :)

aprilyn.silvestre said...

hhmmmm looks yummy..

Maruhya said...

yummy talaga ang biko ko :)