Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bikong Tisay / Métisse Riz gluant

Biko - is a filipino dessert made of sticky rice, coconut milk and sugar. This is actually one of my favorite dessert aside from Maruya and Bibingka .
I was craving for a dessert last, last week pa and since still no oven yet i was obliged to make this yummy dessert in a casserole.
  Easy as ABC but tiring of mixing in. This was actually served as an exercise for my arms :)
 After a long effort here they are. Why tisay? kasi naman ang putla they looked really pale so i have to add something to make them looked appetizing naman :)
                       I made Latik and toasted coconut and i sprinkled on my bikong tisay
Verdict? Delicious! even if i cooked the glutinous rice too much (they became too soft like suman) not too sweet and Bibingclara loved it! Well, i am still learning! will do better next time :)

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