Monday, March 8, 2010

Betty Boop Figurine No. 2,3,4 and 5

During our absence a cause of our holiday, i asked a favor to my friend Sorina to buy me my betty boop figurines because i dont wanna missed any of them. She bought my figurine no.2,3 and 4 and i loved them all! Thanks Sori :) Merci! Merciiiii
                                 Betty No.2 - Nurse, Betty No.3 - Police Betty No.4 - Chambermaid

Betty nurse costs 4.99 euros police 8.99 euros chambermaid 8.99 euros their price is getting higher and higher huh! my first betty figurine singer -only costs 1.99 hmmm..well, that's the deal hehehe :) Last week, i asked Claudebiko to buy me the last edition of betty figurine. He did his very best to find out this one ( he asked several newsstand/kiosque but some of them has run out of stock) but luckily he got one and here it is ...
                                               Betty No. 5 - Garage mechanic costs 8.99 euros

I was surprised because when i saw the back of the package, there will be more. I was thinking that it will be the last one. Betty No. 6 - will be soon! " Film Actress"

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