Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bibingclara's Demo

Yes, children's are growing so fast! They are so curious and very initiative to know what's happening around them. Well, that's good! sounds good! because it is a prove that they are learning so fast. Like Bibingclara, at her age, she is so active. she kept herself busy of doing something,. Believe me, she always get busy of anything, even imitating me (so i have to be careful hehe) For the mommies, of course it always need accompany of surveillance all the time. (So we have to be energetic too) Here are some helpful tips she could share to all the little ones like her.
 How to change Nappy of Mimi Chat
First, lay down mimi chat make sure you have ur wet wipes and cream available beside u 
Dont forget too put cover (a little piece of plastic cloth) for her back 
Unfold the nappy and make sure its well fit on the pwet/les fesses
(you have to get a good size huh)
Get a piece of wet wipes 
But if you cannot open the box of wet wipes, ask your papa to open it for you! hehehe

Good Job my Big big Girl! :)

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