Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dining out at Kaya express

When we were in Manila, we get too bored! there is nowhere else to go except malls,malls and malls! We both hate going to the supermalls (specially the noise inside the mall) No, i was wrong! i dont hate it! except when i will do a real shopping i can be a deaf hehe i joke! Actually we went to the one of the mall in Ortigas for Claudebiko (he has his massage in Bodytune/he succeed to escape from the noise i joke again hehe), for Bibingclara (she played in children's corner), and for Maruhya (i met one of my Aunt (mom's sister)/ i made non stop blah blah blah with her hehe)
Claudebiko has a good and satisfying massage, Bibingclara gets tired and fell asleep in my arms, and after an hour of talking with my Aunt (she's really a talkative too. i guess ive got being talkative with her) we decided to have our first dining out experience at Korean's Restaurant.

 We've tried different kind of rice toppings
 so for my pamangkin we ordered beef toppings same
as for my aunt

                                                      a spicy rice toppings for Claudebiko

We had a soup with vermicelli good enough for 4 personnes (we have got already a complimentary soup. A miso soup and it was     good)

my rice toppings with talangkanin
(i enjoyed mine to the max)

It was a very very good meal! A satiating experience! Good choice Claudebiko :)
Of course, Bibingclara had her special rice (not spicy syempre)

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