Monday, January 24, 2011

King's cakes

Bonjour everybody! monday today! this is actually my super late post after new year! For the three kings celebration, ( le jour d'epiphany )  for the past couple of weeks, let me leave you these yummy cakes that we enjoyed during the king's day :)
          french king cake / galette de rois bought in the bakery good for 1 for 3 euros
I actually meaning of making one and eating french king cake chez cléo ( last year galette's queen ) but she gets sick that's why i decided to buy nalang and enjoy it with a cup of coffee. Yum!
                                        gâteau des rois ou brioche des rois - sweet bun king cake
with crystallized fruits inside
I didn't buy this yummy brioche, somebody made this for me ( i get so lucky ) i love the way it was made but half of it went into the trash because the next day, the bun gets so dry :(. Next year, i will make my own king cake! promise, promise, promise! :)

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