Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Galette Queen

Last Saturday we had our dinner at home with our friends Cléo and Sorina. It was snowing outside and because of the chilly weather i decided to cook soup so i made french onion soup (actually it was their first time to eat onion  soup). I am very glad because they liked it eventhough i missed to put wine on it. I made Chicken Adobo too (a bit salty but its alright) we had green salad and different types of cheese (Sorina likes Mimolette cheese). To celebrate Three kings we finished our meal with Galette des Rois/King cake

Galette des rois (good for 4-5 persons)
I just bought it ready from the bakery and it has free one king crown
It was best served with a cup of tea

It was Cléo who got the charm inside the galette so she was our Queen that night
Bibingclara didn't want to eat the galette she just wanted to put on her head the king crown (pati kame ni Claudebiko nakisali) Next time, since Cléo stands as our Queen, she will be the one who will invite us to eat the next galette chez elle (that's the rule) :)


claude-maruh-clara said...

my wife, you are simply " fantastic "
mahal kita Mahal ko.

Maruhya said...

Merci! bé :)