Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On baking

Countless baking of cheesecakes this year. I used to bake cheesecake when there's gathering or any occasion. Cheesecake is our all time favorite and for those who are coffee lover's this sumptuous cake is a must! In the kitchen, while on baking Bibingclara likes to watch what i am doing. For the mega mum like me, it was not only my hands are moving but i also keep talking hehehe :)
Question  :                                     Bibingclara : Maman, c'est quoi ça? 
                    Mama what's that?
                    Mama ano yan?
Answer :                                 Maruhya : C'est les biscuits ecrasés ma grande.
                 It's a crushed biscuits my daughter.
                 Biskwit na durog anak ko.
Naku, she has plenty of questions na i have to explain each and everything. Ano to, ano yan, pano to, bakit, saan ilalagay, pano haluin, ahhhh so curious! so many questions hehehe :) Somehow, when we're two in the kitchen i usually success to cook or bake even if she's around. One saturday, i was about to bake a cake but before baking, i thought of making a simple letter biscuits ( with her name ) for her :)
                                                           on the making using patterns
ready to bake her name 
When she saw it! whaaooowww mama!!! ( she's into learning french/english/tagalog alphabets now ) she was so happy. I hug and kissed her and i said to her Bilisan mo ng lumaki anak ng sa ganun ikaw naman ang mag bake hehehe :)

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