Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Betty Magazines

When frustrations happened the day betty boop figurines doesn't arrive on time, Claudebiko has always alternative for that to cheer me up :) Aside from letting him to purchase the latest boop items in town, ( there are some items i do not like much so i don't buy and he needs my Oo permission sometimes before buying ) He used to surprise me by offering boop items presently well wrapped.
Betty boop magazines ( they comes with each figurine ) that i haven't still read yet
Mia's playing ( gustong mag model ) Claudebiko bought something from album - a comic strip store
At first look, when i saw it with the red cover i thought hmm.. what a nice photo album but hey wow mali!
It was actually a compiled betty boop comic strip. He thinks that it might be a good one for me to read little by little ( kapag me tawag ng kalikasan ) ay nku napakatamad ko pa namang magbasa. He also add na that's a good way to practice ( all french in the speech bubble ). Grabe ang kapal at ang heavy. Kelan ko kaya eto mauumpisahan? well, i'll see 

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