Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My sweet heart

I found lovely figs one day in the market ( almost end of season ) and bought one pack. I get trouble in my head what i would do with them asking if im gonna use/cook them sweet or salted ahhh an half an hour searching which best recipes over the internet, i ended up cooking figs as sweet tarte that goes well with a cup of coffee :)
Here's how :
                                               one basket ( barquet ) of figue about 200 grams
                                how nice the color and its sweetness i can eat 5 pcs at a time hehehe
                                                                   cut them quarterly
                                    a round baking pan / ready made pastry dough ( pâte sablée )
In a glass bowl, cracked one egg+20cl cream+50g white sugar+25g butter+1 sachet vanilla flavored sugar+1tbp flour+pinch of cinnamon. Mix them well all together
                                           100g almond powder and some pine nuts ( optional )
Lay the pastry dough in the round baking pan+pour in the cream mixture+sprinkled with almond powder then arranged quartered figs bake for 30 minutes at 200°c
                             Bake for another 5 minutes with sprinkled pine nuts ( as my choice  )
Voilà! My sweet tart
Thanks to the internet! ( research ) this recipe is actually a mixture of creating salted and sweet tart hehehe but anyway, it comes out really good and best eating with a cup of coffee. Ubos na si Claudebiko humihirit pa! will defenitely bake it again ( next year ) hehehe want some? :)

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