Monday, August 30, 2010

Perfect summer gifts

Bibingclara had so much of chance having thoughtful people around her. As usual, every meeting with her kuya léo and ate cynthia, she got always something from them as pasalubong :)
they've got a very nice idea to give tall plastic glass w/ biggie straw and cutie kikay beauty kit for Bibingclara
inside the kit, it has bottles of shower gel,body lotion,face towel,glittery body spray, peal soaps, a pair of shades and flowery pony tails
                                                          two flower printed t-shirts
and two flowery dresses all from Early days 
Beautiful gifts! beautiful and colorful prints! I like the idea perfect mood for summer huh? Merci! merci!  :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

ang ku-cute ng mga floral designs na dresses ni clara :)

Maruhya said...

ang cu cute nga eh type ko yung dress kaso di kasya sakin hehehe :)