Monday, June 14, 2010

Fine day at home

It was a fine weather when Léo and Cynthia came last time they visited us at home. We've got the chance to do barbeque in our balcony. I also made Pancit as they liked it so much :)
It was too sunny. We put a piece of cloth to cover and protect us from the sun. I didn't took any photos of our barbeque ( it was chicken bbq actually ) because it was burn. That time, Claudebiko's busy doing barbeque. The chicken bbq's are still edible, the dispointment was the bitter taste :(
                                         Léo / Bibingclara / Cynthia
Ma Clara was very happy to see her Big bro. She played a lot with Cynthia. How i wish that they'll make their baby soon. They're lovely couple as it shows.
                                       Colorful plastic made truck
Of course, everytime they see us Cynthia never fails to bring something for Bibingclara/Us. A toy that Bibingclara can bring to transport sand from the beach ( i imagined how she brought it here, bulky in her suitcase ). Another Pasalubong to enjoy. As a sweet thoughts as she has for us, she bought cheesecake/fruit jam with swirly soft candies.
                                         Jams and Candies
Another fun time with them! Hoping to visit them in London soon so we can have more and long funny time with them together :)

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