Monday, June 14, 2010

Treasure in the trash

As i related before, by the grace of internet site called Donnons we've shown an advertisement from there that a couple posted an annoncement that they're giving a ceramic hob. We responded to their annonce from email and contacted them at the right time ( by chance ). Good thing they had given us their old cooker ( they replace theirs into induction ) It has been a long plan that we would like to buy/change our cooker ( 2 ranges doesn't work since long time and consumed more electricity ) still undecided if we are going to buy a dutch oven as i would like to have a new oven at the same time ( not enough space for our kitchen ) or induction ( expensive ) but with our tight budget sure we cannot make it now. Actually, with the kitchen i am dreaming since years, we must change everything.

With all the mess i have in our kitchen usually when i do food ( more now because of food blogging ) Claudebiko get so crazy :)
                                       During the installation of ceramic hob
Lucky enough to have a Handyman always available
Bonus! It works good just need a quick wipe of cleaning. Looks brand new our Electrolux vitrocéramique.
See? There's always treasure in the trash :)

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