Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good buy

What a good thing about garage sale is, i always find items that can usually catch up my interest and get them for reasonable price just like what we bought for Bibingclara
A toy like spinning top -when you press it using your palm the train inside will turn at the same time with its troot troot...sound effect. Bought it beside our stall on the left and got it for 1 euro.
                                         5 collection of little Miss
                                         5 collections of Mr. men
Got them all for 5 euros. If you will buy it brand new it only costs 2.10 euros each not bad, these are already good buy :) What a bliss when Claudebiko finds something very special for me just almost in front of our stall. I was busy that time sorting out and preparing our things when he asked me to give him some coins for to buy this pretty lady in red ( nice spot mon bébé )
A betty resine statue hand paint made original version year 2002 jackpot to have it for 2.50 euros. It has actually glued both sides of her legs but it's ok because it's not noticeably. The best buy were the light pants i bought for Claudebiko
                                        5 pair of light pants ( african cloth style )
1 euro each but i did the bargaining so she gave me 5 pieces for 4 euros. I spotted the textile first and thinking to make them as "punda" but founded them in pants then i ended up buying for Claudebiko because the light pants i bought from philippines in the market like saya type in tiangge ay madaling mabutas ( i bought plenty for him ). These are really best buy kasi good quality, nice for summer and perfect size for Claudebiko. We were so happy happy for all the nice things that we've got. Mabuhay ang garage sale! MABUHAY!!! :)

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