Monday, August 30, 2010

Salmon à la Léo

These photos are actually got from the camera of Léo's wife, Cynthia. Léo is working in a small restaurant in london. As a good chef, ( he cooked appetizing food at home too according to Cynthia ) his wife has always her camera on picturing of leo's cuisine :)
Salmon fillet with green salads 
Léo prepared 10 plates of Salmon as we have had for dinner. Bibingclara had a small portion from her father's plate :) 
The chef has actually two assistants : his father ( who accidentally left the salmon slightly burn over the grill hehehe ), his wife ( who cuts and prepared the vegetables for the salad ). The Salmon à la léo comes out really good they just scraped off the skin of salmon that has been burnt. Under the salmon fillet, there's a mixture of salads that consists of oakland lettuce (red), small potatoes (of ile de ré), rocket salad (arrugula), radish,cucumber,onions,tomatoes,beets and avocados. He made a special vinaigrette as sauce and served  with sprinkled parmigiano reggiano. It was delicious! the best as ever ( he made this cuisine also for us last year )
                                      a photo taken last year july 2009
Thanks for the delicious and wonderful presentation meal kuya léo. Masarap! masarap! sa uulitin hehehe :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

sobrang healthy naman ng meal na ito Maruh ;) hindi ka tataba niyan kung puro ganyan ang kakainin mo :)

Maruhya said...

kahit madaming nakain ok lang parang light pa din kasi salad. dito sa bahay madalang lang kame mag salmon pag nakakita ako sa palengke minsan bumibili ako gini grilled din namen kaso sa kawali hehehe :)