Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family reunion

It has always been a little family reunion when we go to Ile de ré. Last june, we spent a week of holiday with Claudebiko's sister who lives in Brazil ( she comes yearly in France with her husband and groups of students ) We've got the chance to visit often my mother in law in the retired home. Bibingclara got the chance too to play with her lola ( even she's always in a wheelchair ) and spent memorable time with her one and only auntie on Claudebiko's side :)
Claudebiko, Bibingclara, Paulette, Annette
Claudebiko's son Léo and her wife Cynthia joined us also for a short week during our stay ( they flew from london ) Of course, we really had a great time once again like last year when they had visited us. During their stay, we invited for dinner my mother in law to come over ( to see her apo's ) and some of Claudebiko's cousin's.   
  a photo taken by Claudebiko and Bibingclara ( they missed to be with us )
dinner time maka "papa" she's always sitting on Claudebiko's lap :)
Claudebiko's cousin's made cheesecake for our dessert ( with fresh strawberry sauce )
look at that little hand attacking a slice of heavenly cheesecake 
A wonderful dinner time with Claudebiko's family. Reuniting and non-stop family chatting. What we had eaten as dinner? well, bukas i'll post it! hehehehe nite! nite! :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

hmmm parang ang yummy ng cheesecake na yan... "PENGE" uli!!!!

Maruhya said...

yummy talaga riz! ang lambot! i asked their version ito daw ay japanese cheesecake :)