Monday, August 30, 2010

Betty Boop Figurine No. 17

Voici my betty figurine after the delayed delivery for a couple of days. The second figurine for the month of August after my sexy farmer. Meet the famous dancer of Can-can.
                                 Betty Boop Figurine No. 17 ( Dancer of French Cancan )
costs 8.99 euros
She looks so hot with her costume right? but i don't like much what she has on her head ( mukhang bulate hehehe ). Next two wednesday, Betty Boop Figurine No. 18 ( Fire woman ) will arrive to stop the fire on hihihi :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

kala ko spider yung nasa head ni Betty :) hehehe but yeah, you're right ito ay isang "mapang-akit" na Betty, hahaha!!!

Maruhya said...

oo nga iba ang tingin ko din sa may head nya eh kakaiba hehehe :)