Monday, August 30, 2010


Sabi nga nila, ang pasko ay para sa mga bata. Ang sabi naman namin, ang bakasyon ay para pa rin sa mga bata hehehe yeah, true a long break from work to spend more time with our little one. Each day of our daily life, ( during vacation days ) we made doubled our efforts by giving full attention to our little girl and to keep her always busy ( must look after her, no nanny and so sorry ) we usually brought her  to see some entertainment for the children not far from the center village of La couarde :)
Once we experienced watching the old fashion puppet shoes but i find it worthless spent 6 euros per head loss 18 euros for a show that has much more of a noise than an interesting story ( seems my girl listened attentively but i guess she's just curious scrutinizing their wooden puppets in front. I find it horrible anyway )
ohh thanks at natapos na din ang show! Wa epek! kaya nakipag usap nlang si Bibingclara ke Dora
Tinkerbell are you ok? me? i didn't like the show :( ( they have cartoons decoration to attract the kids ) I wouldn't suggest to watch it to any parents sayang lang ang pera at time nila. Well, experience! Reading the local newspaper we saw that there was a weekly spectacle ( every thursday ) helding in front of the church at the center village for free. That was so sounds really good! so kapag libre go kame kaagad hehehe
                                                   the two spectator donin and eric
The two spectator relating stories about animals while singing and playing their instruments. A great show! an entertaining one. Nagustuhan ng mga bata pati mga parents :) We watched their shows each thursday ( they do different spectacle each week ) Bibingclara was so amused looking at them ( she usually behave while watching their show )
                          Animome story book with cd and animals cut out for 20 euros
Because Bibingclara likes the story and she's so pleased by their musics, Claudebiko purchased a book from them after the show. Worth it! Bibingclara listened to her cd ( story and songs ) once in a while. Memorable spectacle! A recommendable one!
A memorable souvenir ( got an autograph by one of the spectator )
Bravo! hats off to both of you :) and


SimpleMomRizza said...

nice naman at merong ganyang activity dyan. hindi boring ang inyong 1 month vacation :)

Maruhya said...

kahit pano nakaraos nadin sa pag aalaga ke Bibingclara ok nga eh, nakadalo nga din si Bibingclara sa event na storyteller kung saan merong nagbabasa para sa mga bata at the same time musical ang sarap i profit pag me activities na tulad nyan lalo na't pag alang entrance fee :)