Saturday, July 31, 2010

Plantsa lady

If you will ask me what im gonna choose between laba or plantsa? i will go for plantsa! ewan ko ba but i like pressing clothes ( kinareer ) My husband is not particular even he'll wear clothes na hindi plantsado. Claudebiko do the machunurin task and i'll do the pressing kapag ako ay sinipag :)
He bought and made come true one of my wish in my super wish list  by buying a calor pressing iron. I love the plantsa i have, Aquaspeed kaya super bilis pagplantsa ng aming mga damit. The only thing kaya ako natatagalan ay when i do modelling hehehe feeling little girl at nagsusukat ng mga pinalantsang damit :)
                                                                   model 1
                                                                    model 2
This is what actually gonna happened, modelling mood with my kikay accessories hehehe :) ikaw? what's your trip? :)

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