Saturday, July 31, 2010


Speculoos - is a type of sweet biscuit that i usually used for my cheesecake crust. With speculoos, it doesn't necessarily for me to add sugar because the sweetness itself is barely enough :)
                    found from leader price supermarket a speculoos flavored ice cream
                                      speculoos biscuits that can be eaten alone as miryenda
speculoos spread ( a substitute when there's no more Nutella )
When i will make cupcakes, i will try to add speculoos spread next time :) 


SimpleMomRizza said...

hmmm, mukhang masarap nga to ah... wala naman dito :( buti yung nutella meron :) fave ni bunso ko...

Maruhya said...

matamis sya riz yung speculoos spread kaya konti lang nilalagay ko. ok din sya pag wala nako stock lily's peanut butter napapag tripan ipalaman :)