Saturday, July 31, 2010

Colorful toys

Bath time can be always a play time to Bibingclara. She spent long time taking her bath while playing with these colorful toys that i bought from philippines :)
pandilig,tabo, bola, plastic mugs at telephone wire pony tails ( all made in china )
Sometimes, di ko na iniisip ang aking mga liligpitin kahit na minsan ay makalat ang aking kaisa-isang anak. Imagine all those little things na gustung-gusto nyang paglaruan kapag sya ay naliligo at pagtapos nyang maligo :)
                                         tiny colorful ponytails ( bought at sm department store )
                                    telephone wire pony tails ( bought 1 big pack at 168 mall )
                                          big ponytails from Marcela
It has a good contribution putting them in the boxes ( to arrange them well ) with these, she can easily arrange her mini ponytails while doing her non stop counting. Gives her a chance too to practice her amazing talent for recognizing each colors :)
mini boxes from ikéa
I will try to find more little boxes/cases for her usual educational toys/kalat hehehe :)

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